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Israel & Palestine

My little trip around the world continues...

From Tel Aviv, to Jerusalem and more...

I was a little anxious before i got there, lots of unnecessary thoughts, is it safe? shall I ? what about war? what about racism? all this due to what you see online and specially on social media.

Well to my surprise I was not surprised. I had a wonderful welcome  people were super open, friendly and there was a very good atmosphere. I really enjoyed it. 

In terms of safety they are so many checkpoints with army and security at each corner, it is safer than Paris! [lol]

I am not a religious person but it is definitely a visit to do !

Get in the Dead Sea, the Lowest Point on Earth and enjoy floating (got a drop in my eye it burnt like hell)

Country in it's whole beauty despite the situation. I went to West Bank (Palestine) as well. 

- Lot's of culture, religious rich history, great architecture, nice landscape and nice food. -

Places I Visited

  • Tel Aviv 

  • Jerusalem

  • Dead Sea

  • Discovering the ancient city of Jerusalem

  • Mount of Olives

  • Wailing wall

  • Jewish and Christian Quarters

  • Cardo.

  • Church of the Holy Sepulcher

  • Bethlehem

  • Church of the nativity

  • Palestine (West Bank)

Places to Visit​

  • Hérodion

  • The Western Wall Tunnels

  • Terrasses baha’ies

  • and much more to do ...

Israel - Palestine

Israel - Palestine

Israel - Palestine
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Israel & WestBank (Palestine): trip

Israel & WestBank (Palestine): trip

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Israel & WestBank (Palestine): trip

Israel & WestBank (Palestine): trip

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Israel & WestBank (Palestine): trip

Israel & WestBank (Palestine): trip

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