My little trip to Africa continues...

As I was in South-Africa I was looking for a country to go to which was not far, so I thought of Namibia and chose Windhoek because there was no other flight that could allow me to go elsewhere..

Am I really in Africa ? hmmmm I had a doubt when doing my sightseeing, I had that awkward. when I travel I usually look for that brand new scenery, something different from what I am used to. I did not have that until I went to the desert and also went to greet the animals in my safari.

It really looks like South-Africa as well, very USA & Europe style, but much hotter and much desert.

No much to do in Windhoek but I needed to relax and chill for 4 days. It was cool. I definitely have to go back and experience key areas I wanted to try but do mind the distance! 

- Beautiful land of the brave, best place for Wildlife fanatics - 


Places I Visited

  • Windhoek city

  • Churchs

  • Townships

  • Duesternbrook Safari 

Places to Visit

  • Sossusvlei

  • Swakopmund

  • Etosha

  • some dunes

  • Walvis bay

  • and much much more to do ...