My little trip around the world continues...


My roots are Nigerian, my parents are Nigerian.

I first went there when I was 11 years old, and for the 2 months holidays I was sick for 6 weeks. I remember everyone was looking at me like they notice I was a complete stranger that did not belong here. Very weird feeling... maybe because I had a jean on ? lol whatever.. I remember eating nice food on the street and suffering from heat, but no tourist mode activated, it was with my mum so we stayed mostly in doors with family.

I went back 18 years after for the first time and by my own. As part of my road trip within Africa I thought it would make sense to stop by Homeland before going anywhere else in Africa. So, I spent some time with family AND a lot of time in traffic (lol) , after that week I was really looking forward to be back more often and stay a bit longer to visit more and enjoy the max of it! #ProudlyNaija4Life.

On my second trip, I was so much prepared! Checking before hand where I should be going, what are the nice areas to go, where to hang out, discovering the beauty of Nigeria and not the ugly piece they usually put on TV in Europe.. Nothing to be scared of, and after all, this is home too...

It's good to have plans and I'm a freaking planning addict, first I did not realize the "distance in km" in places I wanted to check and I would not have thought my time could be hijacked by externals uncontrolled event.. (Lack of power + Traffic issues = frustration at the max ).

Yes, here we go the fuel scarcity in Nigeria is a real thing.. we used the generator like 98% of the time (note that it needs one  jerrycan a day). That's a whole big topic.. but truly affects everyone there.

They are good side and bad side in Nigeria, depending on what you want to focus on you will like it or not. I like it. Doesn't mean there is nothing to get fixed but as many other countries there is. 

Nevertheless, I managed to move around a lot and discover Nigeria as I have never before, again I am coming back...

- Lasgidi 4 life : Get To Know My Roots ... -

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Places I Visited

  • Lagos National Museum 

  • Badagry : many museums + island of no return

  • Pour Erin Ijesha waterfalls (ou Olumirin waterfalls) 

  • Ikogosi Warm springs 

  • Osun Oshogbo Groove : on history of Yoruba 

  • Freedom Park Lagos

  • Ikeja City Mall

Places to Visit​

  • Iga Idungaran

  • Elegushi Beach

  • Nike Art Centre

  • Lekki Market.

  • and much more to do ...