My little trip to Africa continues...

Saly and Dakar in Senegal, all the beauty of it !
So hot... really hard to take. 
When you need 4 showers a day and when your perfume is 5sur5 (anti mosquitoes product ) and you can't do anything against the 41 degrees heating your body..


Great country, beautiful and welcoming people! I LOVED IT !

I enjoyed my time and visited the lagoon in a canoe, the mangroves, bush, visits of Peuls and Sererere villages, did a little safari and hang out with baby lions >>>> GREATEST

Besides, there is one thing that really impacted me, it was the visit to the House of Slaves.. honestly heart breaking and I was furious deep in me for two days after that. Realizing how people suffered; I have seen similar in other African Countries but the one in Goree Island is though.

There is lot of things to visit, it's an amazing beautiful country and safe, so check it out !


- A super mixture of nature, wildlife, opened people and religious mix... -


Places I Visited

  • La maison des esclaves (House of Slaves)

  • Saly and Dakar Mbour

  • Goreia Island

  • Mosque of the divinity

  • Ngor Island

  • Cathedrale du souvenir Africain

  • Monument de la renaissance

  • Lac Rose

  • Reserve de Bandia

  • Fathala Reserve

  • Ngor Island

  • Lagune de la Somone

  • Markets & Local township..

Places to Visit

  • ...

  • and much more to do ...

Goree Island visit was though in the House of Slaves.

Classified as World Heritage by Unesco since 1978, this beautiful island is a haven of peace. This said, the island of Goree is the symbol of the memory of the slave trade. Gorée is in the front line to welcome slaves. Concentration camps have already been developed on the African coast, particularly in The Gambia, Saint Louis of Senegal, Benin and Ghana. The island of Gorée also has its role in this sad trade.

The colonial houses of Goree have the distinction of having a raised ground floor and vaulted spaces. They were built at the end of the 18th century and the first years of the 19th century.