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My little trip around the world continues...

How to spend winter break in the Asian oven... It was one of my habit to go for road trip in Thailand for many years until I realize that I could discover other places in the world as well and enjoy.

Bangkok - is very busy but there is lots to see. I prefer the lovely islands surroundings, far away from big groups of tourists. The beauty is there, the food is awesome, delicious and diverse and you feel like you can spend spend spend you still don't reach your budget lol.

It's the only destination I have no second though to get into the water as it is soooo warm and has superb beaches and mountains views!

Lately, when I traveled to Thailand I felt they were just too many tourists, and never go in December during holiday season :Lesson Learned ! - nope.

I usually go to the different many islands and don't stay in the busy city, it's magical!

Thailand has friendly locals, a rich culture and history , also an abundance of wildlife within all those national parks. The only thing I did not appreciate is the treatment of elephants, it really hurt me to see that and I could not have a ride. 


- Large choices of different adventurous excursions .... -

Places I Visited

  • Maya Bay (almost alone on the island....)

  • Bangkok

  • Krabi

  • 4Islands

  • Koh Phi Phi

  • James Bond Island

  • Phang Nga Bay

  • Khai Island

  • Corail Island

  • Phuket

Places to Visit​

  •  ...

  • and much more to do ...



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