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My little trip around the world continues...

USA .... America. Has once been my dream when I was younger I would have accepted to relocate there when I was working for one of my previous company.

The so called "American Dream" was real years ago, but  no longer is. I like the xxx size of everything, from food to roads, the lifestyle was cool. 

I have traveled a lot to the US in so many states in the east coast, west coast, north and south of it. It's all very different and I could not live in all of them.

 - It was once a dream .. the land of so called freedom ? The American dream no longer exists -

States I Visited

  • Utah

  • Arizona

  • California

  • Nevada

  • Washington

  • New York

  • Florida

  • Texas

  • Massachusetts

  • Alabama

Places to Visit​

  • America is way too big...

  • and much more to do ...


  • Zion National Park

  • Top of "Angels Landing" trail - trekking under hot sun... Doing over 20km walk per day. Starting super early so that we could come down around noon and not get hit by the sun, we made it to the top ! Hard & long... Fear in the stomach, legs shaking like never before, the wide open emptiness on the side of the mountain, uneven courses, slopes, stones, here we were climbing without being hold on anything! Pure madness. I was so tired... Could not walk and hike no more. My body was killing !!  — at Arches National Park.

  • Little Wild Horse Canyon, Green River – Same as in the movie “127 Hours”... Tiny space to pass and climb, bits of rocks that can fall on your head, if it ever rains and you are in there, the water may rise so quickly the end of you could be there and no one will come and save you (asap).  

  • Bryce Canyon Park and Little Wild Horse Canyon


  • Monument Valley, (With lucky Luke , the cow boys and indians town)

  • Sedona : Where the "Vortex" are...or where supposed to be because we didn't feel anything ..HMMMhhmmm..)

  • Grand Canyon


  • Yosemite National Parc

  • Los Angeles : Venice Beach and Santa Monica in L.A : very nice place to be!!

  • Universal Studio Hollywood!!! Awesome, so much fun, all was so cool with 3D, 4D tours, breath taking! So much feelings #he_studio_tour
    #simpsons #house_of_horrors #transformers #jurassic_parc #revenge_of_mummy #waterworld #descpicable_me ....pfiouuuu! 

  • I went for a shot training, in a LA Gun Club, it's hard to believe some do that for fun nevertheless it did open my eyes a bit... I felt how "dangerous" and "real" this was.

  • San Francisco : The place where you can feel 18 and 27 degrees on the same day depending where you are lol ...


Las Vegas

It was so hot I was wondering what craziness even brought me here ! This is the place where :

  • you don’t see “night”,

  • there are more people outside during the late evening than during the day,

  • there are casinos everywhere and if you get in one you are sure to get lost in and it will take you ages to find the exit,

  • When you are in the casino you have the illusion that it’s day light outside, because the ceiling is painted with blue sky and clouds, so real, you don’t see the difference until you get out AND look at your watch

  • There is food everywhere you go

  • You can see real crazy people, and extreme immoderation

  • Where the little Paris looks even better than the real one in France

  • Much more beautiful at night than during the day





New York

  • New York City –  I could have lived there, although the towers and big buildings are really impressive, they make me feel so little out there... Once in a restaurant with my friend i guess we just arrived from Paris, had a tour in the city and ordered some food at a restaurant. Shame on us hhaaahaha, it was 11pm, the waitress came to our table and told us "I can see you guys are sleeping do you want me to pack that for you ? So you can carry home" (Note that we could not even eat half the plate we falling asleep, so tired...) 







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