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Hello I'm Jay, Welcome to my site Life On A Trip ; sharing my travel adventures and discoveries with few pictures and videos. I am not a pro and not plan to be - no-filter here.

Sharing some of the most important experiences to me from my life, as I travel a lot and usually alone... but sometimes I may accept company only if you promise to be kind and not lazy :) )

I describe myself as a young travel addict, I travel to discover new countries, civilizations, cultures, appreciating the beauty of what Mother Nature has given and expand my awareness.​

I am an introvert and this is something that slow me in the process of traveling alone, not because I was scared to be alone but more scared of how to get to speak to people I don't know... I am open but it takes quite a bit to be comfortable. 

Why I travel ? Well, traveling grows my experiences and enriches me by opening to the world...It's my own therapy, escaping my day to day life (don't get me wrong I love my job and my life but I feel the need to chase the unknown), get out of my comfort zone, forget about petty issues and get myself in another reality, break the routine and my way of being free. These are great moment for me to be open to diversity, meet new people and locals with their own habits, their own struggles, understand history and local traditions. Sometimes, it helps.

Finally, analyze the differences between what you thought you knew by watching news and TV and the reality.

Single and traveling alone I care for my safety and security while abroad as a woman, I check myself on what to visit, where to go, where to stay, so my parents don't freak out to much when I go...

Honestly, I mostly never rest when on a trip (bad habit of always being exhausted when back at work), I maximize it all, optimizing my trip end-to-end from when the sun rises to its sunset and explore! I don't go for long trips but often could be short as a 7-10 days even if far away...

This is how I enjoy it - It re-energize me fully!

I was born in Paris, lived in Paris, always been visiting UK & Germany for weekends and holidays to see close relatives since I was 10 years old (I was even flying alone with support of air hostesses), then moved to the UK for a year during my BA, I came back continue work and studies until my MBA and now live and work in Switzerland.

...Traveling the world, collecting stamps & building amazing memories. One of my goal is to share inspirational travels ...

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Hello! I'm Jay, Welcome to my website LifeOnATrip ; sharing here my travel adventures and discoveries with few pictures & videos. One of my hobby is to collect stamps on my passport! I am not a (blogger) pro, just no-filter here :)  Hoping to give little travel inspiration to you! World Tour is never ending...

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