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My little trip around the world continues...


So anxious when I visited Colombia. I was so concerned by safety, and poor things, dangerousity you had once heard on TV news.. Whatever !

Nothing to be scared of, I was quite surprise and excited when I got there.  Magical, very colorful and filled with warm and opened people on. Filled with amazing food, all you can enjoy and lots of arts you can check out.

Although the weather was not in my favor, I managed to visit few areas. I was here for work so could not spend too much time.

- Lot of biodiversity, great culture and amazing food with great people ... -

Places I Visited

  • Museo Botero del Banco de la Republica(Bogota)

  • Parque Central Simon Bolivar

  • Iglesia de San Francisco

  • Mercado de las Pulgas de Usaquen

  • La Catedral Primada

  • Plaza Del Chorro Del Quevedo

  • La Macarena

  • Santuario de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe

  • Medellin Metrocable (Medellin)

  • Mount Monserrate (Bogota)

  • Catedral de Sal (Zipaquira)

  • food tours, museums, churches : great!

Places to Visit​

  • Laguna de Guatape (Medellin)

  • Piedra del Penol (Guatape)

  • Las Lajas Sanctuary (Pasto)

  • San Agustin Archaeological Park (San Agustin)

  • Laguna de Guatavita (Tierra Negra)

  • and much more to do ...



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