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So excited to go to Egypt despite the country instability at that time (2013). I am fascinated by Ancient Egypt ; it is so mysterious to me. I love it.

Cairo is very nice! Situation in Egypt didn't seem to be as bad as what we see on the news... Although there were tanks in some area parked on the streets. They were very affected by the reduction of tourism. Well..

Could not imagine that one day I will see these pyramids with my eyes and actually touch them, climb them.. as if it was no longer a piece of history to protect ? I was astonished by the easiness to access them.

The world’s most advanced civilizations, so much rich history to discover, so many mysteries: One dream - Checked!

- African history, source of power, the land of the pharaohs.. -


Places I Visited

  • Temple of Karnak and Luxor 

  • Great Pyramids of Giza 

  • Keops Pyramid (Cairo)

  • Great Sphinx (Giza)

  • Coptic Church (Sharm El Sheikh)

  • Antiquities Museum

Places to Visit​

  • Memphis and SakkaraTemple of Philae

  • Valley of the Kings

  • Check out some nice beaches...

  • and much more to do ...

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