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My little trip around the world continues...

Crete, Greece

Kalimera : Hello !

All the way for a road trip driving all around Crete island : Agios nikolaos, Lasithi, Meronas, Matala, Stalos, Sitia, Preveli, Elafonsi, Kissamos, Chania, La Canee and more..

It was very convenient to rent a car. Ideal for going inland or along the coast. Enjoy tasty local cuisine and walk through cute villages and towns and meet locals.

Crete has a lot to offer, as long as you want to go see it. There are walks, climbs, drives and rides that take you across stunning plateaus, dramatic mountain and seascapes, and sometimes 400 stairs to access the beach :/ 

The west coast of the island is certainly the most paradisaical part of the island. Along this coast there are small isolated beaches or beaches of pink sand with turquoise waters. A postcard atmosphere guaranteed! Under 32-34 degrees it was sometimes hard to keep on..

Landscapes and wild beaches, attractive prices in the taverns, kindness of the Cretans and an exceptional climate have made this trip a relaxing moment.

See below some videos !

- Admire Crete magical landscapes, mountains against a backdrop of turquoise blue sea, wild nature and gorgeous gorges...-

Balos Lagoon

Balos Beach: hidden by the cliffs, the way to go is like a way of the cross, I thought I was going to leave a lung and a rib !! But the landscape view was worth it. Tourists arrive by this route from 9 am but most arrive by boat and fill the lagoon between 11 am and 4 pm, so again, best to be there very early it's empty. We went for 6:30pm for the sunset time, people were leaving it and it was better to chill. An idyllic place with pink sand, turquoise waters and colorful fish.

Food Love in Greece

Like all Taverns in Crete, a small dessert is nicely served at the end of the meal accompanied by the famous glass of raki! It's not to say, the Cretans have the sense of hospitality!

Eat in Tavernes is the best way to go. I have tried so much food like: Greek salad horiatiki, moussaka, gyros, brochette, baklava, wine, fries fries and fries, meetballs, sausages, cheese saganaki, spanakopita (feta + spinach pastry), all sea food and more....

Preveli Palm Beach

Beach Preveli is a beautiful beach that is worth at least a look for the postcard! 400 stairs to get there (one way)... exhausting under the burning sun.  Small palm grove and an arm of sand between sea and river. One of the most famous beach of southern Crete! Where river meets the sea...


The beaches can be stormed by tourists from 11am, so as an early bird, it's always better to go early and enjoy the calm and the view ... and especially avoid the traffic jams of this little beautiful world.

Elafonisi beach for example has a sea with turquoise waters with beautiful shades of blue and in places, pink sand, a perfect spot to make pretty pictures. Pink beach sand, turquoise water and a single impression that you are in paradise!

Hania, Chania, Xavia

Visited the old town and the Venetian port while getting lost in small colored streets of the center and land on one of the terraces of the port to eat fresh fish or have a drink while admiring the pretty facades along the harbor..

Places I Visited

  • Agios nikolaos

  • Lasithi

  • Meronas

  • Matala

  • Stalos

  • Sitia

  • Preveli

Places I Visited

  • Elafonsi

  • Kissamos

  • Chania

  • La Canee and more..

  • Heraklion (missed)

  • More of the cities


Road signs and way of driving notice: The further you get away from the city, the more the signage becomes enigmatic, sometimes written in Greek alphabet exclusively, sometimes erased. Also, there you drive half on the emergency stop strip to allow other cars to overtake more easily.

It's important to drive with a road-proof car, quite high on the level due to many bad roads with rocks where for 2km you might take 20minutes! Also, keep extra cash like 1-2 euros coins in the pocket for parking around. Drive safely so you do not hit cats or kabri, they tend to pop up on the road :)

Sleep tight !

For the accommodation I prefer to use Airbnb and guest houses rather than mega complex hotels packed with people.

I tested for the first time to sleep in a caravan for 2 nights! Very recommendable experience and comfortable..

Spent the evening on the deck I admired brilliant sky with stars shooting. A memorable beauty, very relaxing.

For the rest it was Airbnb with nice views along the road..

My road trip to Greece

My road trip to Greece

My road trip to Greece
Crete Greece 🇬🇷 The Caravane experience...

Crete Greece 🇬🇷 The Caravane experience...

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Crete - Greece 🇬🇷 Preveli Palm beach

Crete - Greece 🇬🇷 Preveli Palm beach

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Crete - Greece 🇬🇷 beach time

Crete - Greece 🇬🇷 beach time

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Crete - Greece 🇬🇷 Balos Lagoon

Crete - Greece 🇬🇷 Balos Lagoon

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