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My little trip around the world continues...

A french Caribbean Island here we are! Arrived in Basse-Terre but I went a bit everywhere.

A little expensive "on site" paradise, I enjoyed my relaxing time and hatted the mosquitoes who ended me all the way through out my stay.

There are many places to visit, super good food (yummy bokit that tasts so good) and super nice areas, but you just have to figure out actually how to get there. Better to rent a car, otherwise you are stuck at the beach hotel for all your stay ;)

So good to chill and usually tickets are really not expensive.

- The place of beautiful water with soft sand beaches and sunshine ... -

Places I Visited

  • Beach beach beach hahahaahahaa

  • Les Saintes

  • Petite Terre

  • La Soufriere Volcano (Saint-Claude)

  • Plage de Bois Jolan (Sainte-Anne)

  • Cascade aux Ecrevisses (Parc National)

  • Ilet Caret (Sainte Rose)

  • Memorial Acte (Pointe-a-Pitre)

  • Distillerie de Rhum Longueteau et Karukera(Capesterre-Belle-Eau)

Places to Visit​

and much more to do ...

  • Carbet Falls (Les Chutes du Carbet) 

  • Carbet Falls (Basse-Terre)

  • Fort Napoleon

  • Porte d'Enfer (Le Moule)

  • Fort Delgres (Basse-Terre)



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