Ivory Coast

My little trip to Africa continues...

Ivory Coast aka "Terre des éléphants" - in Abidjan city

Learn how to be patient in everything you do or want..

Was a bit hard to be solo traveler here ... addresses are not common and when you need to go somewhere even with your own GPS it's not easy 😥 - but worth a try .

There are a lot of nice places, rooftops, bars to chill and free of entrance. Mind the traffic ! it's exhausting :( 
Go out and discover by yourself !!

 - A remarkable city where they are many places to go chill and have fun ! -


Places I Visited

  • St Paul Cathedral

  • Musee des Civilsations (@Au Plateau)

  • PlaYce-Marcory

  • The Plateau

  • Grand Bassam

  • Yamoussoukro

  • Hotel Ivoire (superb! Even have a cinema, pool, nice restaurants and all !! Go !)

  • Many hotels you can go to have superb rooftop view chill and eat (no need to book and of course not required to be a guest in the hotel)

Places to Visit​

  • Les Cascades de Man

  • Dipi Crocodile Farm

  • Jardin botanique de Bingerville

  • and much more to do ...