My little trip around the world continues...

Definitely could not have survived without : my iPhone, pocket WiFi & Google Translate live app >> everything is in Japanese!

Osaka first, Kyoto second and finished with Tokyo ...

I was astonished by so much things, I was captivated by the cultural aspect! Food, Manga, high tech.. you will find what you ever looking for !

People are welcoming and helpful although I did not ask any specific help but while waiting for the subway people would come and ask me if I need guidance (and they did not speak English!) so we manage to understand each other. I felt that was super cool. It is super super CLEAN everywhere, the main thing you hear in the public transportation is silence, I mean wooowwww , people follow the rules and respect it all. I loved it.

Buildings and flowers, the outside is quite colorful and aggressive sometimes and that's where I realize locals use to keep wearing blue grey white and dark outfits for the casual clothes (maybe to keep a balance somehow); I found this funny. Lot's of technology but still less than what I expected. Not like I wanted to see flying cars and robots everywhere but there was nothing I haven't seen before, well except the toilets. This awkward moment when you don't even know what button to press to flush the damn toilet! (took me a good 5 min- just tried them all).

I preferred Osaka and Kyoto because it was calmer, less crowded, less tourists. In Tokyo I felt just like an ants... way too over crowded I was uncomfortable. Have a look at the pictures and videos you will see by yourselves.

Don't miss out Nara, city where there is actually more deer than people Amazing!

- Japan is a beautiful country with careful people, who are polite and respectful. An amazing traditional culture to get to know, world class dining, vibrant nightlife, rich history and mix of food outlets to experience! - 

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Places I Visited

  • Osaka, Tokyo, Kyoto , Nara

  • All shrines / temples 

  • Dotombori

  • Shinsaibashi-suji. (Shopping under rain)

  • Umeda Joypolis Sega (games)

  • Kaiyukan (aquarium)

  • Nikko 

  • Arashiyama District

  • Philosopher’s Path

  • Gion District

  • Nijo Castle

Places to Visit​

  • Hiroshima

  • and much more to do ...