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My little trip in Africa continues...


My first safari was here - Maasai Mara National Reserve 

Alone ready for a discovery challenge i surprised myself with the most wonderful experience !

You got to do it once in your life. The beauty of nature, the wild animals, the freedom and peace. 

The only heartbreaking event is during the safari when the lion attacked a baby girafe while her mother was trying to fight and protect him.. So sad.. tears up, me shouting "noooo don't" and the guide telling me "this is normal lion gotta feed too "... 

I love giraffe they look amazingly so elegant when they walk !

Also visited a village and met Massai people!

#HakunaMatata #Kenya #Safari

- The way to fall in love with wildlife, had a crush on Nature.. -

Places I Visited

  • Maasai Mara National Reserve

Places to Visit​

  • Observation Hill (Amboseli National Park)

  • Lake Nakuru (Lake Nakuru National Park)

  • Tsavo East

  • and much more to do ...



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