My little trip to Africa continues...

I was in Bamako, at my friend house for few days of holidays and we also went to Segou.


I found an interesting country with a real culture, family structure, knowledge of sharing and mutual support within the same home. That's what I will remember most... Was very cool.

I listened to great music and that's where I discovered Sidiki Diabaté songs!

Mali is not so touristic, there was not much much things to visit and I have to say under 40 degrees it was quite hard.

I realize more and more whatever the country in Africa that the ones born and raised in Europe and the ones in Africa are not the same (in terms of): values & respect towards traditional customs.. I guess it kinda disappeared for some reason "in favor" of "values ​​and freedoms" from Europe. I think that has spoiled us too much ...

- Very friendly, generous and respectful locals. Very open country -

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Places I Visited

  • Center of Bamako

  • Center of Segou

  • Villages

  • Markets

  • Handicraft market

  • King graves

  • National Museum’s collections

  • Pink market in town center

Places to Visit​

  • Prehistoric site of Magnambougou

  • Panorama on the city and the Niger river from the Koulouba hill

  • Prehistorical rock paintings in the cave of point G

  • and much more to do ...