My little trip around the world continues... in Africa


Gone for a long weekend looking for some warm temperatures to chill, I stayed in a Riad in the Fes Medina with friends. The Riad is a traditional kind of house, very cute, colorful and simple. (Video)

Medina means « city » in Arab, It is very easy to lose yourself in it! Mostly crowded area with mixed activities in the souks with divers shopping areas where you can buy local products from the cooperative (fixed prices).

Residential are sheltered from walls without windows, at the bottom of dead ends around courtyards and gardens invisible from the street. Among the craftsmen of the Medina we found tanner, saddler, leather-worker, manufacturer of bellows, baker, butcher, everything! ... We visited the tanneries; The smell is so strong I almost fainted. To visit the place, I had to put a bouquet of mint inside my nostrils! Even this was not enough for me...

- A mix of beautiful scenery, tasty food, hospitable people...-


Walking in the Medina..


Yummy food ! Mint tea, pastries and sugarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :)



Nice warm and safe country to visit. I went to Casablanca​ to meet a friend who moved there.

The most scary is the driving part , omg so annoying.. It's like I was holding my heart in my hand every time I was in the car, just as crazy as you can imagine. 

Still it's a very nice country, you can go to the beach, go for brunch in good areas with super good food, visit cultural (a lot) stuffs, go to the market, take a walk in some parks...


I also went for a surf session next to Agadir at Tamraght , take a wave and be free!


Places I Visited

  • Le Comptoir de l'Echoppe (Casablanca)

  • Le Cabestan - Ocean View (Casablanca)

  • Mosquée Hassan II The Corniche

  • Square of Mohammed V

  • Place des Nations Unies

  • Royal Palace of Casablanca

  • L'Eglise du Sacre-Coeur

  • Jnan Sbil Park in Fez 

  • Spas & Local markets

  • Fes (Medina and Garden)

Places to Visit​

  • Parc de la Ligue Arabe

  • Mausolee Sidi Abderrahmane

  • Agadir Tagesausfluge

  • and much more to do ...

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