My little trip around the world continues...

The famous "il paradiso fiscale per eccellenza " OH YES!

So I rented a car and drove around, quick and easy.

Best place to it is at the fish market and also visit the chocolate farm!

Panama city has a very welcoming atmosphere, a nice biodiversity, the weather and they are many many islands to go to if you have the time! In the city it is great but I felt like there was no much things to do.

This trip made me practice my spanish again :)

- It is the Miami of South America lol, enjoy the very hot weather.  -


Places I Visited

  • Canal de Panama

  • Casco Viejo

  • Cathedral of the old Panama

  • Soho mall

  • Miraflores Visitor Center

  • Panama Metro

  • Biomuseo

  • Avenida Balboa

  • Plaza Bolivar

  • El Arco Chato

Places I Visited​

  • Iglesia de la Merced
  • Iglesia del Carmen

  • Plaza de Francia (Panama)

  • Ocean Sun Casino

  • Gatun Lake

  • Panama La Vieja (Panama)

  • Pont des Amériques (Panama

  • GO TO THE ISLANDS beach !!

  • and much more to do ...