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My little trip around the world continues...


This was an unplanned trip as I was on my way to China and realized two days before that I needed a Visa hahahaha (yeah I had a full four days of stress until I found my backup plan here).  So found out you can stay in transit for quite some time if you have a third ticket next destination, so the closer for me was the Philippines and I don't regret it at all :)

Extremely beautiful, modern with very nice buildings and lots of green! Amazing view points, dream beaches but most of the time owned by Hotels so if you are not staying in one of them they don't let you in, that's not so nice..

You can still go to the islands which are much much better.

Great value for money country, no extreme weather, white sandy beaches and turquoise crystal-clear waters, you're in the right country.

- One of the largest island groups in the world with more than 7000 islands... -

Places I Visited

  • Intramuros

  • San Agustin Church

  • Manila Cathedral

  • Museums and churches

  • Rizal monum

  • Manila Bay

  • Quiapo Church

  • Binondo

  • Memorare Manila Monument

Places to Visit​

  • Go to the islands around

  • and much more to do ...



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Philippines - Manilla trip

Philippines - Manilla trip

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