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My little trip to Africa continues...

Djerba - I was quite young when I first came to Tunisia with my friend, we stayed in a group hotel style​, you know the one full of activities, music , DJ, food in self etc etc. It was very hot, and we had a little trip to the desert, few markets and of course the beach.

The beach was beautiful until we got closer and closer and we thought..hmm ok.. maybe we just lay down on the chair, ride a horse, we don't need to go dive in there right? hahhahhaa I enjoyed parasailing for my first time and riding a horse was the most stressful as I was so scared of falling and the horse was kinda crazy on me... It ended by me walking.

At that time, it was a very cheap destination to go to from Paris, now things have changed 3 times more expensive. As my budget evolve my destinations as well and it was not a problematic destination. Now they are episodes of safe & unsafe moment..

Looking for historic charm, walk on some enchanting sands, appreciate very nice food, shop at souks, discover few archaeological sites, in North Africa! Also good to visit troglodyte houses where the shooting of star wars took place.

- Affordable trip when you are looking for a nice climate with sunshine... -

Places I Visited

  • Many mosques

  • Beaches and water activities for good price !

  • Off road tours with quad

  • SPAs

Places to Visit​

  • Guellala Museum

  • Houmt Souk

  • Midoun

  • Cave of Ali Berbere

  • Fort de Borj El Kastil

  • and much more to do ...



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