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United Kingdom (UK)

My little trip around the world continues...

From the age of 9, my parents use to send me to London for weekend and holidays. It was like my second home... sometimes alone sometimes with my mum. 

I remember we were almost going to stay there, meaning settle there and leaving Paris but did not happen and we came back in Paris.

So London being my second home city by habits I loved it before. Then few years later I moved to Lincoln (near Leeds in the north east) for an University exchange program while doing my BA in Paris for a year. Visited Birmingham as well for holiday and also Brighton, I prefer them because they are less crowded although London seems a perfect melting pot but too noisy for me...Still my favorite was shopping @VictoriaSecrets and other shops on Oxford street ..and eating eating and eating !

Incredibly well-connected, the Eurostar gets faster and faster its so cool ! 

The thing I have to admit it is so open minded, so diverse, so “NobodyGivesADamn what you are looking like... so cool. People are welcoming, they are kind, when you do get in a store you get immediate support (not like in Paris where most of the time you have to look for who the hell is working here??). 

I will always love that attitude.  There’s something for everyone, it is so large, dense, and multi-cultural

Transport on the other side is quite expensive I feel ... was charging my Oyster card every day and then ughhhh. What I do like recently you can use you credit card to pay on the subway (as if you were passing the ticket on the machine ) lovely!

*I don't have much pictures from the UK because it was like going home most of the time and the few I had got lost in phones.

- A world in one city, get ready for a city break, go with your purse only and come back with a luggage ;) .. -

Places I Visited

  • Don't miss the city tour

  • Tower Bridge & Tower of London

  • Big Ben

  • ArcelorMittal Orbit (fun)

  • London eye

  • Covent Garden

  • Oxford & Regent street

  • Piccadilly Circus

  • Golden Hinde

  • The Gherkin

  • Buckingham Palace

  • Trafalgar Square

  • Harrods.

Places to Visit​

  • Many squares and streets

  • shops

  • also stations

  • and much much much ! more to do ...



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