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My little trip around the world continues...

Kigali - Butare - Gisenyi - Kibuye ... a total road trip across the country. 

Why Rwanda ? Well why not ?! I have to confess it has been the most grateful, amazing, surprising solo road trip I had (top 3!). Many still think of Rwanda being a country at war, poverty, massacre and would fear to go for safety reasons... This is the past. Things have changed a LOT. Actually : I haven't seen a place so safe within Africa. See below for yourselves!

This small country has a lot to offer in terms of experiences. It's tiny, mountainous, very green and it's economy has truly been outperforming over the past years. I consider it a real role model country.

Blue sky for all my trip, I didn't notice anything such as pollution, many people cycling, jogging ... there is no much noise outside , no car honking for no reasons, no aggressive sellers on the roadside, respectful drivers, great well maintained roads, the environment is ideal.

I found many arts centers, design and colorful paintings, so much I wish I could buy but nothing gets in my hand luggage. It’s really great to stop by and admire local work. Many work in the rice fields.

They are many associations, businesses, and places, which are meant for empowering woman, this is bluffing! Everywhere ! Infrastructure are well in place.

My initial plan was to do the Gorilla trek in Rwanda but the luxurious price stopped me to consider doing it in Uganda.  So I continued my journey in Uganda for few days of exploration! A pleasant and memorable experience, look up the videos below.

- Wonderful journey to the little Switzerland of Africa ... such a great example of achievement for other African countries to maybe follow -

Asking questions to locals about how to get to a place I have been told that the names have changed .. so, that’s why I was confuse! Basically, Butare = huye; Kibuye= karongi ; Gisenyi= rubavu ... Be aware.

For distance like 30min or less I hop on motorbike taxi, it's very cheap, safe and it allow to enjoy the view better and admire colorful houses and catch some bikes fully loaded with banana plantains. 

Through all the cities I visited, I can tell it is super clean, charming, hilly and very green, from country side to the city.. I really felt like in Switzerland when admiring some scenic views and roads.

Lands are extensively used for agriculture and it looks like free space is missing.

Places I Visited (Rwanda)

  • Genocide memorial 

  • Richard Kandt museum

  • Nyanza kingdom palace

  • Butare ethnographic national Museum

  • Canopy Walk in Nyungwe forest   

  • Gisenyi town

  • Kibuye town

  • Lake Kivu

  • Burera lake and surroundings

  • Rushaga Gorilla Park  

Places I Visited​ (Uganda)

  • Bwindi Impenetrable National  Park

  • Fort Portal

  • Murchison falls National Park 

  • Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

  • Kampala

  • Entebbe



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Rwanda - my road trip 1

Rwanda - my road trip 1

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Rwanda road trip - view 3

Rwanda road trip - view 3

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Rwanda 2

Rwanda 2

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Rwanda - my road trip 4

Rwanda - my road trip 4

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This trip was an 11 days solo trip, where I crossed and really actively visited Rwanda and Uganda. There were long hours drive but it allowed me to enjoy the view, landscapes, locals and got to see the heart of the country..

Here you can find my trip organization, my itinerary, with super nice hotels I stayed in etc.

Arts and museums are a must do in Rwanda ! I really enjoyed my time there, and if you can buy some local stuff or make donations it's perfect !

They are many genocide memorial in different areas , it’s indeed important not to forget and teach coming generations.

I learned a lot about the holocaust, the origin of Christianisme as a religion and also the crisis around the different borders... here again Europe and other countries from north played they part (feels like everywhere I go to deep dive in some history research it's always the same thing...). It is really hard to take all this, really unbelievable what the population have gone through.

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