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My little trip around the world continues...

Kisoro - Bwindi Park - Fort Portal - Kibuye - Murchison National Park - Kibangya - Kampala - Entebbe ... 

After my road trip in Rwanda I continued onto the border and got to Uganda and from this moment I had a guide that was managing my trip steps. Many activities planned for this end of trip and honestly I did not know I would love it so much !

Started with a good sleep in the best forest in complete dark but a really cool view of the mountains (video), to relax before the next morning Gorilla trek deep inside Bwindi National Park. Ready for hours hiking in the forest, not knowing what to expect... The group had a general briefing of an hour, explaining what to do what not to do (If Gorilla is nervous or if there is a elephant charging towards you).

I felt my level of stress rising a bit once they started explaining it is slippery, you may fall, get dirty, get tired, hike can take up to 6 hours if Gorillas feel to go far.

There is about 400 gorillas in the park, it was a sport time, walking in the woods, creating our own tracks, followed by one armed guard in front and one at the back, our woman guide and finally the Porters. The porters are the ones hired by visitors to carry their bag pack and wood stick, they use to help push and pull them physically when the hike is difficult. I did not hire one. The guards are armed with AK47, they are meant to protect us in case of animals being naughty ... and we could have seen elephant as well, as we are in the wild the guards would just shoot in the air to scare them.


While hiking (gloves on) you gotta hold yourself to anything you can find, grab leaves, trees, push with hand in the floor.. so your phone or camera stays in our pocket ;)

After hiking 2h30 we got to meet the gorillas! This is such an amazing experience! They were a family of 7, 1 pregnant of 6 months, 3 babies, 1 huge big male with silver back and 2 other females..

- African Wild Most beautiful spices surrounded by magnificent green land  ... -

Places I Visited

  • Bwindi Impenetrable National  Park

  • Fort Portal

  • Murchison falls National Park 

  • Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

  • Kampala

  • Entebbe

Places I Visited (Rwanda)

  • Genocide memorial 

  • Richard Kandt museum

  • Nyanza kingdom palace

  • Butare ethnographic national Museum

  • Canopy Walk in Nyungwe forest   

  • Gisenyi town

  • Kibuye town

  • Lake Kivu

  • Burera lake and surrundings

  • Rushaga Gorilla Park  

Murchison Falls National Park is one of the best. Seems to be the strongest fall in the world!

I had a nice boat ride on the lake Albert , watching the Murchison fall view from down, had a game drive and see amazing animals in the nature, the best moment... 

As I was alone in the car with the driver, the roof was open and I even fear lion could jump, as some point the lion was looking straight in the eye... hahhahhaa! (video)

This is an amazing park, lovely to watch lions walking in front of me, elephant right outside the main door lodge , wild animals in the forest all around me! The wildlife and the scenery are remarkable!


One not cool event : I barely slept in the lodge although I was extremely tired. My fear of being in the forest camping got me. I heard something and when I got my phone to light up the room I saw a bat in my bed on the mosquitoes protection, trying to get it... I can say I was mortified, switch bed but there were mosquitoes noise , then put my shoes on thinking to go get the reception , but when in front the door ready to go I saw how dark it was and reminded myself they could be elephants and other animals on the way..and mostly I don't even know the way back to the reception! Stepped back and accommodated with the ... mosquitoes for 3h.

Uganda is as green as Rwanda, landscape was more or less the same only the roads were pretty bad and it's not as clean.



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Uganda - solo road trip 2

Uganda - solo road trip 2

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Uganda 1

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Uganda 3

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Uganda 4

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This trip was an 11 days solo trip, where I crossed and really actively visited Rwanda and Uganda. There were long hours drive but it allowed me to enjoy the view, landscapes, locals and got to see the heart of the country..

Here you can find my trip organization, my itinerary, with super nice hotels I stayed in etc.

In Uganda I love to see all those kids in their colorful uniforms on there way to school, locals are kind and the environment is cool. 

Definitely a trip to consider if like me you love wildlife, nature and beautiful scenery but I do recommend finding a guide. After all, I would not have been able to manage by myself like I did in Rwanda.

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