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A blog ? uuhhh not really...

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Wonder why I created this website right ?

I thought of it all the way, pieces after pieces on how to break it down for you , readers.

It's not a blog in the sense that, I am not a blogger, I don't sell, I don't promote, I just share... My main objectives are below.

REASON #1 – Documenting my worldwide travels

I thought of having a space of my own, open to the world. I was also posting on my private Facebook mainly to my close friends as part of my sharing process. It's a kind of an open big book of memories.

I love to share my travel and experiences with my friends and acquaintances because I know they feel like traveling with me. The idea is for them to travel as well through me. Many i know cannot travel for divers reasons. Some due to their health conditions, lack of time, family or other type of responsibilities or just can’t afford it... When I travel and hear feedback from how they perceived my own travels, I also feel I did something useful to share my passion. Inspire others to travel to the unknown...

REASON #2 – Arouse curiosity I want to share my personal vision of what I discover in the country. The world is so different than what you hear and see on TV news. The real world is out there and some times people get astonished by what they see I posted which is against their own thoughts or what they first believed the country might look like. Therefore, I'm glad when I receive feedback's like "oh I did not know ! Waaaw its beautiful, I have to go book that trip and visit myself!". Feel like I just changed someones mind...

REASON #3 – Memories written .. Therapy I just realized while going through my pictures, videos and writing little texts about my trip that this process was making me happy too (again). I mean I have the same feeling as when I am actually in the plane !

Looking at those is almost like traveling again. So it feels good.. It heals.. It takes time. It's precious.

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