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My WorldMap Puzzle decoration...

World Map Puzzle : Representation of my love for traveling !

I can’t recall how much time in total it took me but you can count in DAYS!! Few friends came over helping out for fun while having a glass of red wine 🤘🏾.

It's a puzzle of a complete world map in wood pieces, for a size of 150x90cm.

On the back of each wood pieces there is a number. Few countries like USA, China and other big ones are broken down by states, so its not that easy to place all of them on the map. Great challenge!

Few times I had to look at the instructions paper with the list of numbers corresponding to the country, but it does not tell you where to place it, you figure it out !

As an example Asia took us roughly 6hours minimum with my friend... was hard !!

I bought it on Amazon from MIMIinnovations, in March and placed it on my living room wall in June (finally) ...

I was lacking time and energy and I wasn't home over weekends and or tired etc.. Moreover, I needed few hands to help carry it and place it on the plexi glass.

This is the only decoration I have on my wall at home since I moved in 2015 and also the first time drilling holes in my wall 😬. I didn’t want to glue it directly to the wall because if I ever move out this is a tricky piece to fix and expensive on me, so I chose a plexi glass instead...

The most satisfactory moment once it was fixed on the wall and the best view once you enter my apartment ! I love it ! #Happy

Now thinking maybe I will add a Polaroid small picture around it from each country I visited (+68) but not sure I have the space 🧐. That would be a Phase II anyway...

I will now let it be and appreciate it like this 🗺 @worldmaptruepuzzle

Look up the video to see how it was built up !

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