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When the joy starts...

My excitements for traveling does not start when I have booked my ticket, my hotels or even getting at the airport.

My happiness starts here, in the sky above the clouds...

I can feel a change. All my emotions, my thoughts looking through the window are full of positivity, calm and happiness... I can finally escape my own world and be free, opening up to my imaginations.

Sometimes it will be the sun rising or a beautiful sunset, or seeing mountains, it's just magic ...

Closing your eyes and breathing : peace mode !

Clearly I have a smile all the way... until some turbulence's appears :) .

That's why I always have the window seat by the way, a part from the fact that being squeezed between two people is not too enchanting.

  • Long flight +5h: sleep mode, reading mode and one movie (lately i found there was absolutely nothing new, it's quite annoying when you have watch them all)

  • Short flight -3h : organizing myself and looking at all printed info that will help me enjoy my stay!

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1 comentário

19 de dez. de 2018

Wow! It sounds like a life changing experience! Thankfully you were mentally strong enough to see it through until then end. Bravo!!!

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