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Skydive in paradise for the first time ...

Experience in AirlieBeach in Whitsundays - Australia

I have been thinking of doing it for a while. Now it's done and I am so proud!

15000 Feet (5 km) and ~300kmh speed !

I was so excited and still so scared all the way from the morning I woke up and realize the skydive was on my agenda. How did that even happen? At what point my common sense agreed to this? Anyway..

I kept full silence until I actually jumped out of the plane...

I mean you could talk to me I wasn't really paying attention or caring much, I was in my mind, in my state, in my "mood" , couldn’t show much of any expression. I guess I was terrified ...

Me being silence equals to : overthinking, maybe stress and excitement and obviously asking myself why the heck did I enroll in this ! I am not a « quitter » neither a loser, I said I will do it and I am here .. there is no way back. What else could happen up there in the sky? at some point I will get down right? If I have to cry or be scared it won’t last more than 10mins, so what’s 10min in a life time ?? Hmmm... sshhhhhh just shusshhhh.. breathe. Period.

My skydive being in the morning the appointment was at 10am ish to the center. We were asked to drop all our things (phone, bags etc ) all in the locker ...

Oh No so I can't snap a little in the plane :( , yeah can't do ! All recordings are handled by the team.

Team of 7 people were brought by bus to the plane meeting point. There was a room were we had to watch safety and security training videos. I can tell you I watched it 6 times. They are some requirements like, buckle up in the plane, the ideal positions you have to be when jumping out of the plane, arms close to your upper body and when jumping how your body should be in “banana” mode. Trust me the panic wouldn’t let me remember it all therefore I was scared of messing it up. Brain again ! What if I panic so much I grab the instructor hands and arms and we loose balance ! 😱🥺

Ten thousands questions in my head...

What if parachute does not open? What if I am cold up there ? What if I can't breathe ?? What if I pass out ? What if it hurts all the way like in the plane when it goes suddenly down.. What if ... Shuuuushhh !

Instead of appreciating the view and having time to contemplate.

So much useless stress for nothing ! By the time we reached the door 1, 2, we jumped. No time to think and process. Maybe even better so people don’t freak out and attempt to hold on the doors. I don’t even remember screaming...

Facing the sky above the clouds, feeling the air and hearing this huge noise, while the instructor is on your back you are the first to see it all. Its crazy. I just somehow relaxed, and after jumping realized it was not hurting me as I expected ! No pain in the stomach omg ok I can actually love this moment. My mind switched and was just loving the present moment then forcing myself to close my mouth firmly and breath with the nose normally (I didn’t want to appear on videos with a big open mouth full of air looking like nonsense).

An incredible feeling and satisfaction while being in the air and free falling. I loved it and would do it again! So much speed so much WooooW!

When the parachute opens you suddenly go up but it doesn’t hurt it’s not unpleasant. After a while he asked me to control it, so I was moving it to the left and the right following the wind and that was so cool!

I am more scared of amusement parks with their up & down rides than this, now I know. It’s nothing like it. Nothing compare to this experience!

Whatever the price, get. This is a memory you need to keep on record, worth every penny.

Watching the videos brings up my heart beat over and over again ! It's insane!

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