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How to find a destination to fly to ?

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

So what comes to my mind when I am looking for my next trip is to start with "Where i haven't been yet!"

Same process I am following for quite some time now.

  • Look at my world map

  • Cross check the weather on site

  • Open Google Flights and check possible options : direct or multi-destinations

  • Check the ticket cost on Air France (where my main miles are so I can keep my status up )

  • Book my ticket

  • Look desperately if I need a visa (I failed so much on this one, thinking like as a French I can go anywhere anytime anyhow [wrong!]! This made me almost miss my trip in China lol because I had no visa so had to change my ticket to add a third destination in it so I can go visa-free omg that was a headache ! )


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