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Travel light, travel free..

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

When I started traveling years ago, I was taking the general 23KG suitcase that needed to check-in etc.. The more I travel the more I realize it's useless, stressful and time consuming.

Why? Well at the end I would take so many things that I won't need, wear and not even look at! So using my energy to pack and my strength to carry is not worth it. So I decided to stop that and travel LIGHT. I do. Hand luggage only..

No check-in luggage, no time wasting at the airport to drop a bag before, no delay in getting out as I don't have to wait and using the only necessary stylish things I carried with me.

There it is, it follows me everywhere .. has not done the 55 countries (as i bought it later) but it has been here for over 4 years I believe.

From 3 day to 15 day trip, I squeeze all my stuff in it. It’s my kind of backpack lol (I don’t like bags on my back because it hurts too much for me).

Do you really need 5 pairs of shoes ? 10 dresses and shorts ? Are you going for a catwalk or traveling experiences hmmm? Think twice.

How I pack my bag

1- Count number of days I’m staying (=x)

2- Check weather on site (=Rain or not)

3- Pack X upper pieces like dresses, tops etc and half X downs pieces like shorts, pants etc and swimsuit!!!

  • Note: Mosquitoes and malaria = long maxi skirts, long loose pants cover up!

  • European & US (similar) summer : skirts , shorts, small dresses

5- Chose between my 300 pairs of shoes... Well on holidays I am not being difficult, I take it very easy and very comfortable although I love my heels, if I had to even take one pair it would take way too much space unless I wear them to go. Usually two flat shoes of different colors and my Vans on me.

6- Wherever I go it’s damn cold in the plane so I have to cover up!

So depending on the weather of where I am heading to (I choose to always go where it’s warmer than where I am. If i am looking for cold I go skiing!).

Select one of my 20 chargers!! This is my biggest problem...

I have my personal phone, my work phone, my laptop, and my extra phone that I use for the local SIM card I always buy. iPhones loses battery so quickly I have to carry extra batteries like 2-3 of them. (Yeah taking pictures, videos, snaps, be on internet and finally listening to my music while I’m walking around is a must to me...


Make sure you have your bank card working abroad or be aware of the fees (Double check with your bank ahead).

I have an international visa and can redraw anywhere with no extra fees (that’s part of my contract with my bank though). Anyway, either you exchange your money in advance in a shop tax free or change it over your destination. Hard to tell which one is best.

As part of my collecting stamps movement : The dear passport is the first thing to put in your bag !.. I have 4 pages left.. I need to monitor this closely as some countries requires many empty pages available on your passport!

Also, beware of visa entry requirements before you even buy your ticket , you can call the embassy or look it up online- very easy it takes 3mins (yeah deep dive and look official sites though :) ).

Something I am working on... how to sleep during a flight and not having any body pain! Well, I'm still working on it, but I found this !


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