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Why I travel alone... Fear?

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Traveling alone has been my travel mode for a while now. It happen by force...

You are planing your holiday, your friends are indeed interested but things pop up : some have no more time, some have not the same budget, some are undecided, some are not aligned and have different destinations in mind or some just cancel or have good / bad excuses. Well anything can happen - No judging. When it kind of happens too often it's time to take a deep breath and take a decision.

Shall I wait forever or shall I just GO ?

I went on.. Since then it had never been the same. There is something in traveling alone I can't quite explain.

It's not about people bothering me, on the other hand I love not to be alone and many things I experience I would have love to share with people I care.

You just don't have any push back, you do whatever whenever wherever and sometimes its more expenses alone and there is no way to share/split costs (i.e accommodation) but get over it. The experience itself is enriching.

I book my travel, take my flight, end up somewhere, check in, rent a car or take public transportation and let my mind be blown, my eyes see it all and my heart take it all. Feelings at the best.

I am more of a reserved and introvert person so it's for me much more effort to get out and speak to people I don't know, I tend to figure it all myself and if really I need, I will ask. The more I travel the more I open myself a little more.

Trying to get out of my comfort zone!

Now I am so used to it that if someone wants to join in my trip I would really think twice and make my rules clear from start.

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