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Yoga Retreat : 6 days to restore !

Taking care of myself...

I decided to go on a yoga & meditation retreat in Mallorca. I had never been there before, I was not planning to spend time on sightseeing. Moreover, I have never booked such trips before.

Sometimes you just have to listen to your body (or to your close friend ;) )!

So, my main objective was to do nothing: no emails, no phone, no work, no social media, meet nobody... total disconnect. Just eat, walk, Yoga & Meditation, watch and listen around. No further plans...

Turned out to be quite an amazing retreat!

That view from my balcony room ...

The weather was fabulous, chilly mornings before 9am and between 24-28 degrees in the afternoon and heating quite fast. First, my accommodation was fantastic I could not have expected more!

A beautiful beach view, and listening to the waves before I sleep and in the morning. Time for reading, chilling and contemplate. Having a rest of mind I did not have for a while.

A clear program :

Enjoying yoga on the beaches (that was quite hard because the sand kind of hurts my hands a little), guided meditation with the coach, some chakra reading, shamanic cleansing ritual, paddle boarding, biking along the coast and swimming in the sea..

I came back fully energized, happy, much relaxed ... A new Me or could it be just the best of myself ?
Anyway... I should do that more often.

It's important to give ourselves time to feel refreshed, renewed, re-inspired and deeply rested in a peace and serene location. Mallorca and the setup did it well for me.

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